At Moore Audiology, we want you to be totally at ease in our office. To facilitate your comfort, you should know what to expect at your first office visit.

  • Medical and Consent Forms: If you have not completed our New Patient Registration Form prior to your arrival, our friendly patient care coordinator will ask you to do so upon arrival.
  • Meet the audiologist: After checking in, you’ll be greeted by one of our hearing providers and walked to a hearing exam room.
  • Hearing Exam

    1. We’ll ask you some general medical history questions and find out about what symptoms you are currently coping with.
    2. An Otoscopic view: Using a special tool called an otoscope, we’ll peek into your ears
    3. Tympanometry test: This simple tool checks the function of the middle ear system
    4. Audiogram test: You enter a soundproof booth wearing special headphones. Here, we perform a pure tone hearing evaluation. This assesses the audibility and functioning of your overall hearing system
    5. Speech test: This part of the test helps assess your processing capability, by repeating words that are spoken to you

    6. Other diagnostic testing may be performed depending on each patient’s needs

  • Test Results: After the tests are completed, we will sit down with you and discuss what the results mean.
Moore Audiology Hearing Aid Center

By this point, you’ll have a clear idea of the status of your hearing. You’ll have time to ask any questions you have and we will present treatment options to you. You will leave with the tools you need to make the hearing treatment decision that suits you best. There are usually many treatment options, so be prepared to get lots of information. We highly recommend you bring a family member or friend to your first visit so that you can understand and digest the information we give you together. Our aim is to provide an exceptional patient experience. We believe part of doing that is empowering you with the information to make optimal treatment decisions.