Dr. Greg Moore was featured in Phoenix Magazine's Top Doctor 2016 issue.Audiologist and founder of Moore Audiology, Dr Greg Moore was featured in Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctor issue. This is the first time Phoenix magazine profiled the Valley’s best hearing professionals, Doctors of Audiology.

All of our providers, our patient care coordinators, and front office personnel strive to help people live better through better hearing. Patient’s don’t come to us because they want a hearing aid. They choose us because they’re having communication difficulties and need help. Our sense of hearing is so powerful and central to how well we communicate throughout our daily lives. Our job as audiologists and hearing care providers is to properly identify the cause of hearing difficulties and provide patients with all of the tools they need to improve their hearing. We built this practice by putting the communication needs of our patients first.

Thank you Phoenix Magazine for shining a spotlight on the field Audiology.