All of us at one point or another have experienced a ringing sensation in the ears. This ringing, clicking or whirring sound is known as tinnitus. For 45 million Americans ringing in the ears is so persistent that it makes concentrating extremely difficult.

As the cause of tinnitus is unknown it does appeared linked to exposure to loud noises. Combat veterans have the highest incidence of tinnitus. Because the exact cause and the mechanics of tinnitus are not known yet, there are many misleading claims about treatments. There are a great many pills advertised for tinnitus relief but there is no medical research to back up such claims and the FDA has not approved any medications.

One thing we do know, is that in more than 80% of cases there is also some degree of hearing loss present as well. It is not believed that the hearing loss is the direct cause of tinnitus, but by treating the hearing loss many patients report diminished sensation of ear ringing. For others, the introduction of sound therapy provides significant relief for tinnitus symptoms. Comforting sounds are introduced that divert your brain’s focus on the unwanted ringing or clicking sounds. Many high quality hearing aid brands like ReSound, Oticon and Widex offer tinnitus sound masking technology built in to most of their hearing aids.

While your primary physician may not have offered much in the way of relief for tinnitus symptoms, there is hope. If this is something you find bothersome and it impacts your mood and daily function, contact us and schedule an appointment at any one of our Arizona offices. Our hearing professionals will provide thorough testing, demonstrate new technology and discuss your options. Call  Moore Audiology today!