Healthy hearing is important to healthy living and more and more studies show hearing loss contributes to day-to-day problems including increasing the likelihood of accidents. Our team at Moore Audiology employs cutting edge technology to determine the status of your hearing and help you with a treatment plan. Don’t let an accident interfere with your life plans.


Accident risks increase

People with a slight hearing loss are at an increased risk for accidents, according to a nationwide study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 232 million adults were surveyed and a little more than 15% self-reported they were experiencing hearing problems. Just three months after the survey was conducted, 2.8% reported they had been injured. The injuries were related to work, leisure or sports activities.
There were also reports of driving incidents related to hearing loss, although those were fewer than the other activities.

In the categories of work, leisure and sporting activities, the risk of injury increased with the level of hearing loss. Those who reported a minor hearing loss were 60% more likely to have an injury, those who reported a moderate loss were 70% more likely and those who said they had “a lot” of hearing loss were 90% more likely to have an accident.


Leisure activity dangers

It is unfortunate that the highest category of injuries reported due to hearing loss is in the area of leisure activities. When you should be enjoying yourself, you are putting yourself at risk if you don’t get hearing loss treated.
Researchers say this is the highest accident category because you are less likely to pay attention to what is going on around you when you are enjoying yourself!

Think about these questions. If you are outside working in the yard or perhaps enjoying a walk – will you hear someone calling to you from behind? Will you hear someone on a bike coming up behind you if you are walking on a bike path? Will you become startled and fall because you didn’t hear a bee buzzing around your head and it lands on your arm?

You are in more danger of falling if you have hearing loss when you are involved in outside activities, according to studies, because you are concentrating on compensating for hearing loss and your other senses suffer. If you are using more of your brain to try and hear, there is less to process other things – like maybe the grass is too slippery to step there or that water sound indicates a dam coming up. There are activities, in the areas of both leisure and sports, that require balance and balance can suffer if you are compensating for hearing loss.


Did you hear that horn?

Even the best driver can have issues trying to listen to conversations and pay attention to the road and what is happening in the area. Those issues are even tougher if you are also trying to concentrate on a conversation of you are dealing with hearing issues. Will you hear someone beeping their horn and will you be able to tell which direction it came from? Can you hear the directions from the GPS system? You don’t want to be housebound because you can’t figure out directions.

Will you be able to hear a siren from a police or fire department vehicle coming up behind you or from the side at an intersection? If you answered – most of the time – that’s not good enough when it comes to your safety. There is also the real issue of whether you will be able to keep your driver’s license if you are ticketed because you couldn’t hear a vehicle siren and didn’t pull over.


Be safe in your home

Problems with hearing loss and balance can also mean danger of falls in your home. Will you be able to hear someone knocking on your door if you are upstairs or in a different room? Can you hear the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms? Can you hear the microwave or the sound of something boiling over on the stove?


Get a hearing evaluation

The team at Moore Audiology can put your safety fears to rest with a painless hearing evaluation. Today’s hearing aids are small, simple to use and are designed to help you continue to enjoy life the way you want.