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Moore Audiology is a full service hearing healthcare center. Our experienced audiologists and care providers work together to provide you quality hearing healthcare at reasonable prices. Learn more about Moore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center or schedule an appointment to hear what you’re missing and how we can help.

About Us

Moore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience.

Full line of Hearing Aids

We carry a full line of the most advanced hearing aids from major manufacturers.

Hearing Services

Come visit us and take advantage of all the hearing services that we provide.

At Moore Audiology, we aim to provide you with the most exceptional hearing healthcare in Arizona. We offer a complete range of hearing services to help you with your hearing health. Our primary mission is to educate you about hearing, your specific needs and your treatment options.

To provide you with exceptional care, it’s critical that we gain a clear picture of your healthcare history. We pride ourselves on being great listeners who approach each patient with fresh ears. Your story is unique, and we need to understand it and your lifestyle to provide you with the hearing healthcare you deserve. You should expect your first visit to take awhile as we get to know you.

Our experienced providers are rooted in patient care and have deep knowledge of the hearing field. Our audiologists work together, using cutting edge technology and clinical knowledge, to determine the exact status of your hearing. After thorough testing and they have an understanding of your lifestyle and hearing expectations, they will provide you hearing solutions that best fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Visit Moore Audiology at any of our 7 locations in Sun City, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Mesa.

What our patients are saying…

As a patient of Moore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center I am very satisfied with the services I received regarding my hearing loss. Working with Moore Audiology & Hearing Aid Center has been a rewarding experience as my new hearing aids enable me to hear better and enjoy my life fully.
Moore Audiology Patient
I cannot say enough about Michael Lang. He is an employee you can be very proud of! He will go out of his way to make sure the patient (customer) is completely satisfied and that if there is a problem, he will do his best to make sure it gets resolved immediately if possible. If the problem cannot be resolved in the office, he will make sure it gets resolved as quickly as possible by other means. So far, I have been very fortunate and he has been able to resolve all of my problems in the office, except when I had to have a new TV adaptor ordered because he could not fix it. He got the replacement in as quickly as he could. He is a very dedicated worker and one you can be sure he is going to do everything he can in his power to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. His number one priority is to make sure that the patient is completely satisfied and will do everything necessary to make sure that happens. There are not that many people these days that are as “dedicated” as he is to his patient’s care and his profession. If you have an “Outstanding Award Certificate” for employees who go beyond what is expected of them, he is one who is certainly deserving of such an award and I hope that he will receive one soon, so he can hang it on the wall in his office . I am not a writer, so I hope this makes sense to you. Please let Mike know how grateful I am to him for his dedication to his work and his patient’s care!
Wanted all to know how much my life has improved since acquiring my hearing aids. I know that my hearing was not even close to others that have had hearing issues, but just felt compelled to say THANK YOU, just the same. The best staff and a great doctor.
Ty Shaw
Dr. Moore- Thank you for the hearing aids, ear mold and accessories. They are great.
Julie, from Glendale
I wanted to let you know that Yvonne Conrad, who I have met through the Purtone office, is outstandingly personable and efficient. She is an asset to any company she works for, never losing a beat in showing a company in the best light, even when there is a problem with a product, inefficient co-worker, or befuddled customer. She is a kind human, who does the right thing, and goes beyond the call of duty.
Virginia Altieri